Saturday, 18 December 2010

Shops I love

Woke up this morning to a winter wonderland, what a perfect way to start the Christmas holidays! We got the bus into town because of the snow, I was very excited because it felt like a little day out, we didn't get back till it was dark.
Have now written all my Christmas cards, wrapped the presents (which now reside under the tree) and feel thoroughly festive!
Have been browsing the internet in-between eating ham and cheese puff pastry roll-ups and crisps and drinking glass of wine and thought I would just share with you a few of my favourite shops (the should pay me for this!)

White stuff:

Absolutely adore virtually everything in this shop but rarely make purchases on account of their very high prices, I also find the styling of their shops to die for, it is so me.  I do have a couple of white stuff things that I got on sale.

Fat Face:

Has some lovely clothes with delicious colours all very Mori Girl in my opinion.  Can't get any good photos of outfits from their website but here are a few individual items that I like.

I am a huge fan of the online shop Cloth Ears and don't mind linking to their page because they are not a massive chain that is trying to take over the world.
They sell sooo much stuff that makes me drool and want, want, want it, I have bought a couple of bits from there in the past including a flask and a necklace for my sister.

You just gotta love the Cath Kidston shop, her designs are just so so pretty I can't get enough of them, I saw a CK bag in a hope in Stamford last weekend which I loved but again, way out of my price range :( I did manage to afford two pieces of her wrapping paper!

Oh yes I am feeling like everything must be pretty, pretty, pretty everywhere.
Hope you are all having a lovely weekend, what are your favourite shops?  Maybe I would like them?


  1. Ive got my eye on the blue CK print!; have for a while.. im hoping its reduced in sales! xx

  2. Thanks for the lovely blog comment. I love your blog too and I so want all that stuff from Cloth Ears x

  3. Thanks for your comment. I love White Stuff too but must wait for the sales. CK is way overpriced in my opinion.

  4. white stuff is York both shops(CK) are side by side....oh the fun!

    I popped over from another blog!x


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