Sunday, 24 October 2010

A beautiful wedding

I have been meaning to share some wedding photos with you for a while now, so thought I would finally get round to it today as I have a bit of time.  It was a beautiful wedding in Cornwall at the end of September of my friend Sarah.  I have know Sarah since she was born and her older sister Hannah is my best girlfriend.  Sarah, Hannah and their younger twin sisters Yvette and Zoe have been friends with me and my two sisters since we were really tiny and we are all really close, when we all get together we never fail to have a great time, so her wedding was something really special. 

Sarah is in a rowing team so her team mates created an oar tunnel for them to leave the church through.

Beautiful hair styles created by the sisters.

I love the favors which doubled as place names, mine was rosemary,

Absolutely stunning floral chandelier,

Sarah made about 300 of these hearts to decorate the room,

Table names were awesome: Our table, your table, my table, that table, what table, their table, his table, her table, whose table, any table, the table!!

We were on What Table,

The bride and groom's families created lovely photo montages of them as children, my sister and I featured in one of them!

How beautiful is the back of her dress?

Amazing scone wedding cake, very Cornish,

A wonderful range of puddings supplied by friends and family,

My sister Rose and I,

Me with my sisters Megan and Rose,

First dance, fabulous bunting,

My hubby and I, yes, it was a good day!


  1. That looks like good times--beautiful, yet carefree. My favorite :)

  2. What a delightful wedding. The photographs truly reflect how special it must have been. I love wedding photos. Thanks for sharing those.

  3. Everything looks beutiful but most of all you can really see all of the love and care that has been put into it

  4. What a beautiful wedding. The desserts look amazing!


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