Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Alex Duncan - Surge

The weekend before last I visited a lovely art gallery in Swansea called The Mission Gallery, the gallery alone is beautiful because it is an old church that has been converted into a small gallery space.  It has a really calm, peaceful feel inside, a really beautiful, small space.  The exhibition that we saw was called Surge by an artist called Alex Duncan, it consisted of a series of large format photographs which were reflections of urban environments in the surface of puddles, a series of small photographs of water - the ocean, rivers, lakes- which had been left in water till the image had begun to fall away from the paper creating a fascinating rippling effect on the surface of the photograph, and finally, an installation which, from afar, appeared to be hundreds of ocean tumbled stones but on closer examination was in fact different sized pieces of polystyrene which had been collected from beaches across the UK.  The installation was really beautiful and thought provoking and we spent a long time looking at it,  I would really recommend the exhibition if you are ever in Swansea.
I find it really encouraging and inspiring to visit contemporary fine art exhibitions like this one as it is such a contrast from the very traditional paintings that I spend a lot of time looking at online.  Unfortunately I couldn't take any photos inside but I did manage to find on online that someone must have sneaked;  I have also included some images from the publicity material:




Have you seen any inspiring contemporary art exhibitions recently?

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