Friday, 12 August 2011

Day 5 - 30-day Mori Girl Challenge

10 Items from your wish list.

This is easy for me because I have an Amazon wish list set up so I just need to select things from that list, or look in my Etsy favourite items list:

1. Paper Plane Satchel:

2. Jane Eyre (Penguin Classics Hardback)

Jane Eyre (Penguin Classics)

3.Roberts revival digital radio:

4. Weepies Album - The Hideaway:


5. Handmade leather shoes:

UK 7, Handmade leather shoes, D fitting, Brown, HOMILY 1156

6. Lolas Room prints:

Self 8 x 8 Print

7. Doily rug:

Handmade Mega Doily Rug

8. A traditional bicycle:

Viking Westwood 18" Ladies Traditional Dutch Bike

9. Pretty cake stand:

LACE - Ceramic 2 Tier Round Party / Cupcake Stand - Cream

10. My creativity back (can't get this on Amazon unfortunately.

What is on your wish list?

Thursday, 11 August 2011

My tuppence worth on the whole "riot" issue.

I was extremely saddened by what was going on, it actually made me shed a few tears, I just thought the whole thing was really really sad. I am not going to pretend that I have an answer or reasons for all this, there are a myriad of reasons, but I can give my point of view based on what I know.

Some people are saying that there is nothing for youths to do; firstly, I grew up with parents who had very little money. My mum chose to stay at home to look after us kids (4 of us, all under the age of 8 at one point) and my dad worked for a pretty low wage. We had very little, no computer games stations, no designer clothes (clothes from charity shops) a modest amount of toys an undecorated house etc. When we moved into our house which my dad worked hard to pay for, it had no central heating and my dad had to re-wire the electrics. I know what it is like to be cold. We weren't hungry because money was spend on things we needed not on things we wanted. In free time I went to a church youth group and played with my friends.

So my point is, there is plenty for young people out there to do that it not criminal, they have to be creative and come up with things or else their parents need to give them ideas for things to do, however they nor their parents seem to have the capacity for this perhaps partly because they are so used to having their brains filled with stimulation from video games, films, tv, computers etc. They are not able to come up with things to do.  I had little growing up but I did not resort to theft.

Some people are saying that the people thieving and robbing were poor, I don't agree with this, the people who "rioted" found out about it through twitter and facebook, so clearly the can afford I phones, blackberries, or computers with the internet, it they cannot afford to eat of heat themselves then they should not have mobile phones for a start. 

Some people are saying that the youths taking part haven't had the opportunities of others, I disagree with this; I am a secondary school teacher and all children have the same educational opportunities given to them up to the age of 18. They have to take the opportunities and choose to use them to their advantage. Many pupils in my school do not appreciate the value of the free education that they are being given. I am not saying that the education system is perfect but it is there and it can help people to change their life prospects if they choose to use it and make the most of it. 

Some people are saying that it is society's fault that these kids are running round playing havok, because their needs haven't been met, well I am sorry that my points are not very cohesive or eloquent, but I feel strongly that I am in no way to blame for people who act in this way, they are making bad choices and not taking responsibility.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Mori girl game

Check out this totally awesome Mori Girl dress-up game!!  What could be better?

Day 4 - 30-day Mori Girl Challenge

10 different kinds of foods you like

1. Malt loaf,

Malt loaf 3577

2. Laughing Cow Cheese Triangles,

3. toast with jam,


4. strawberries,


5. boiled egg and soldiers,


6.  Cake,


7. Chocolate,

8. Ice cream,

9. Bara brith,

10. scallops,


Thursday, 4 August 2011

Day 3 - 30-day Mori Girl Challenge

10 things you dislike in Mori

1. I dislike that I am not skinny and thus don't look elegant in smocks, overalls or tunics but rather look like a big fat person wearing a giant tent, 

2. I love watching TV, am pretty addicted to be honest, I sort of think that Mori girls shouldn't spend quite so much of their day watching Jeremy Kyle et al,

3. How there is a very fine like between looking like you live in a forest and looking like a little girl, I DO NOT want to look like a little girl, I am 28,
((Pictures from Alice Deco a la Mode. Scans by TheVisual_Beast))

4. How all the models wearing Mori are skinny,


5. Wearing a stuffed toy round your neck - No,

6. Wearing furs, vintage ok (although I don't think you would catch me in one,) but new is a no for me,


give me your head band

7. How I don't have a forest near me:

No forests here!
8. How I have never been to Japan,

9. When Mori girl strays into Dolly Kei or Lolita,




dolly kei + sailor scout :) -grimoire party-

10. When Mori girl looks scruffy,


Stuffed toy + fur + little girl make-up = My worst nightmare.

Day 2 - 30-day Mori Girl Challenge

10 things you love in Mori

1. Flat shoes, I really can't stand wearing heels for any length of time,

2. Lose clothes, so much more comfortable that having a cinched in waist all the time.

3. Being in the forest, I love being with nature, the smells, sights and sounds, so peaceful and relaxing,

4. Bike rides, Mori girls love bicycles and there is nothing better than a breezy bike ride on a sunny afternoon,

5. Looking at Mori girl websites and drooling over the clothes, accessories and interior design, plus beautiful photographs of forests,

6. Reading, currently reading "Hattie Big Sky", I am on my summer holidays now, so laid in bed till half past 10 reading this morning,

7. Hand made and customised clothing, I love making my clothes unique with bits of lace, buttons, net and ribbons,

8. Day dreaming, literally sitting and staring off into space for a few moments, savouring the moment and resting and relaxing in it,

9. Flowers and floral prints, on clothes, stationary, interior textiles, you name it, if it's got little flower prints on it then I love it, also loving fresh flowers,

10. Wearing clothes that are cool on a hot summers day, and lovely knitted layers in the winter.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

30-Day Mori Challenge

So I haven't been very well recently which is partly who I haven't been posting much.  I am still not well, but to get myself back in the swing of blogging (I miss you guys!) I am taking part in this 30-Day Mori Challenge that I found on Fern & Fawn,

I am a few days behind so will probably do a few days at a time, no doubt I will skip days too and end up doing two or more on one day.

So here goes.

Day 1- 10 things about your Mori bubble.

1. I discovered Mori back in April 2010 and fell in love with the lifestyle and fashion style.  I was convinced that I had always been a Mori girl but didn't really know it.

2. I particularly love Mori interior design and feel I can express my Mori-ness best through interior design.

3. I love love love nature, walks in the forest, meadows, by the river, I love getting back to nature and feeling close to nature, I feel especially at home at my allotment.

4. Mori girls love cameras, and I love taking photos, I have a small photography business, I also love vintage cameras and polaroids.

5. I am thinking about Mori-fying some of my clothes with lace tape,

6. I am the only Mori girl I know in real life,

7. I am not brave enough to go full out Mori with my clothes, I tend to take little things from the style and team it with my everyday clothes, for example I am currently wearing small floral prints, crochet, pastel colours and natural fabrics,

8. I want to wear more Mori clothes but can't afford to buy anything new right now, booo!

9. I love doiles and have a collection of vintage ones, I collect lots of vintage stuff generally, but because I have such a small house I tend to keep it for a short while the sell it on in my Etsy shop,

10. I have never been to Japan, but would love to visit.

That's day one complete.  I think I am a week behind so may do another post later!