Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Some thoughts on God

Well hello folks,
Whaduyaknow I am ill again. Yes I have a terrible head cold and a migraine to boot. Won't someone tell me how to get rid of a migraine without pain killers? I have tried virtually every recommendation on the internet, sleeping, meditating, peppermint tea, evening primrose oil, garlic, multi-vitamin, fresh air, fruit juice, if this headache doesn't go soon I might even try dipping a paper bag in vinegar and putting it onto my forehead as one website suggested!? This has not been a good start to the year, what with having a day off for my sore gums a couple of weeks ago, and now this *sigh* not good at all, and a sign that I have not been looking after myself properly.
Anyhow, I have been meaning to write this post for a while now, but haven't had time with work being so busy recently, but I have time right now so I will take the opportunity to share some photos with you and some thoughts as well.
I am always amazed by how beautiful this world is in its natural state, wild and free. It strikes me as proof of God, thrills me and fills me with hope. Just the other day there was a fantastic storm which turned the sky sepia; the leaves of the trees shone, glistened and were so vivid green I couldn't take my eyes off them. I have never seen anything like it. Thunder and lightning followed, and then a perfect rainbow, two in fact a sign of a promise, the hand of God at work in a beautiful and fantastic way.

A few days later I was running the worship session at the church home group I go to and decided to do an art related worship - draw how God makes you feel.
I had the advantage of having already decided what I was going to draw before the session began, and it came easily to me but I was surprised by some people's drawings. Many people draw that God made them feel small and confused. Confusion is something I have experienced with God, but I can honestly say that god has never made me feel small.
I drew a heart (which represented me) with two big arms hugging it (they represented God) I added wings to the heart and a sun behind, the a waterfall running over it. That is how God makes me feel.
How does God make you feel?
How does God show himself in your life?

Friday, 24 September 2010

Another Etsy sale

Yippeeee, sold my music sheet bunting today, really pleased:

I still get such a rush when I make a sale! It feels really special.  I am now into double figures for sales!!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Gosh what a stressful day

Gosh it's been a funny sort of busy and stressful day, I already had a busy day, then I got put down to do cover during my only free on my timetable and had to teach a sour faced year 11 class for an hour. Then at 3.00 I remembered that I had to do something for the worship session at the home group I attend on a Thursday afternoon, so grabbed some paper and felt tips, then remembered that I needed to scan in a painting into the computer (after my poor husband spent all yesterday evening trying to scan it into our laptop without success) the painting is this one which I have made for a commission I have accepted from a friend, the piece is for the cover of a music sheet book. So I spent a while trying to scan it in and then realised the image was too large to email to myself and had to search for a memory stick to save it on *sigh*. Then I had barely walked through my front door before I had a phone call from 02 asking if I wanted to change my mobile phone contract...normally this would by an immediate no because I like my current contaract of free text messages but if did seem like a very good offer with free text messages and 300 free minutes to all mobile networks, and unlimited landline calls. So I am now paying an extra £5 a month?! (have I been had?) Plus I gave all my bank details over the phone *eek*. Not sure what my husband would think of that. So I wait with baited breath for my next bank statement.

I have finally had a chance to sit down and it won't be for long because I have to do a mountain of ironing and tidy the house for a friend who is coming over tomorrow for my husband’s birthday (oh that reminded me I have to wrap all his presents), then do dinner and I am off to the home group at 8.00! Blimey, I am going to be knackered. Wish me luck everyone.


Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Happy Thrifting Sunday part 2

As promised, although a day late, here are my favorite photos from our trip to Grey's Court.  Grey's Court is a National Trust property that we have visited for several years, but only the gardens, this year the National Trust opened the house which they have spent some time renovating.  The gardens as ever were beautiful but the house was really amazing too, and a total surprise, the owners only left the property to the Trust in 2003 so it looked like the they had just recently left the room, even down to books on the side, a Christmas card on the mantel piece and a carrier bag in the kitchen.  It was really lovely and we will definately visit the house again.

Hope you all have a wonderful week,

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Happy thrifty Sunday part 1

I have had such a lovely day today that it warrents two posts!
The day began with a delicious combination of homemade lemon curd on three slices of toasted cottage loaf and a large mug of Earl Grey (who knew it would be such a wonderful combination), followed closely by a trip to "Reading's biggest car boot sale!" and ended with a trip to a National Trust property called Grey's Court. 
It really was very enjoyable and it is days like these that I look back and think, that really was a perfect day.

Delicious tea and toast, the pefect way to start a thrifting day.

My purchases neatly stacked

All spread out, take a look at the amazing 1970's table cloth and matching napkins!!

You know I just can't get enough doilies!

I love old photographs for collaging, especially wedding ones.

Vintage maps for crafting.

Close up of matching napkins.

A selection of blue plates for my blue plate collection, I am going to get some dichangers so I can finally hang them all on the wall.

When I came home from my thrifting trip my husband looked at my grinning face and said "oh no, she has got crazy eyes!".  He knew I had a stash of fabulousness in my rucksac!

Coming tomorrow....our trip to Grey's court.
Hope you have a wonderful week ahead everyone.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Meet Margo

Yippeeeee!! It's Friday! And yet, a week on from having my wisdom tooth removed , and I am still in pain, taking pain killers every 4 hours and wondering if I am normal?!

However I did notice my sewing machine looking particularly lovely this afternoon and thought I would share some photos of her with you.  I got her a few years ago as a birthday present from my mum and dad and she has served me well, even helping my sister to make my wedding dress!

meet Margo:

Hope you are all having a lovely evening.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Something interesting

I would love to write something interesting today but I have just spent ALL week in pain from this flippin wisdom tooth, (or lack there of)  who knew it was going to be so painful?!? I can tell you I am pretty tired of it now.
Anyhow I thought I would share with you some new things I have for my shop, I have put up the bunting but haven't put the enevlopes up yet, I should really because the last lot sold really quickly.

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.  I am really looking forward to a relaxing weekend.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Sore gums

Hi everyone,
Haven't been online much in the last couple of days, firstly because our laptop charger cable has broken so we can't use the laptop (using the old PC for this) and secondly because on friday I had one of my wisdom teeth removed and have been in awful pain ever since.  I am not a happy girl.
I have been having trouble with the gum around the tooth for years, it was constantly getting infected and the last time was the final straw.  That was 6 months ago and I finally had the tooth taken out in Friday, it was a most traumatic experience, the dentist seemed to have some trouble getting it out because the nurse had to hold my head.  I tried to relax by listening to music, closing my eyes and visualising I was on the beach, but it was very difficult and I feel sick everytime I think about being back in that chair.  I had the tooth on the opposite side removed when I was at Uni for the same problem and I am sure it was not as bad as this, it has now swollen up to the point where you can see by looking at my face that it is swollen. If it is not better by Monday then I will have to go back to the dentist or Doctors and get some anti-biotics.  I can honestly say that when the anasthetic had worn off I was in the worst pain I have ever felt (even worse than when I fell off my bike and took the skin off my leg!)  It is not as bad as that now but it is still very painful.  I am feeling very miserable and just praying that it will get better soon. 
I would really appreciate your prayers too if you are that way inclined.
I hope you are all having a lovely weekend anyway, and hopefully I will be all better soon and posting up some more paintings I have done for my music cover commission.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Etsy Love

Trying to get back into the blogging routine with one of my favorite blog posts of the week, Etsy favorites. 
I can't help but give you a "back to school" theme today, as much as I resent being back at school, these items could just make it a little more cheery!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Wedding sneeky pics

Well last weekend I went to a wonderful wedding in Cornwall and I am just desparate to share the photos with you because it was such a beautiful wedding, in fact I think if I could get married again it would be just like this, but I have been so busy today, when I got back from work I went for a jog, then cleaned out the guineapigs, then went food shopping, did dinner then had a chat with my friend on the phone, so I am not going to have time to edit and post my best photos, so I am just going to give you a couple as a sneeky peek until I get time to sort them out properly.

Check back soon for lots more pics of this beautiful wedding!

Monday, 6 September 2010

Happy Monday

Well first day back to school today, and it was as expected: stressful, too much information, frustrating and tiring.  Therefore I need there lovely photos from weheartit to cheer me up:

All found using the search work "happiness"

Hope you all have a wonderful week.