Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Celeriac and Blue Cheese Soda Bread

My husband's mum gave us a calander when we went to theirs after Christmas, it's from Abel and Cole and came free with their veg box.  Every month it has a lovely looking recipe to follow and this month I decided to give the recipe a go.  It was a pretty simple looking recipe for creating a kind of bread but using self raising flour rather than yeast.  I used up a chunk of celeriac that I had loftover from making soups and the only ingredient I needed to buy was the blue cheese, I chose a vintage stilton.  The recipe said it would take 40 mins at 180 degrees but I ended up leaving it for a good hour because it was quite a wet mixture and a knife came out wet after 40 minutes.
Here is the recipe if you would loke to give it a try:

175g Self raising flour,
175g coursley grated celeriac,
Pinch of pepper,
75g crumbled stilton,
50ml natural yogurt diluted to 100ml with water,
1 egg beaten.

Preheat oven to 180 degrees,
Mix flour, celeriac pepper and cheese,
Whisk yogurt, water and egg and fold into flour mixture to form a wet bit firm dough.
Place on an oiled baking tray,
Bake for 40 mins or till golden brown and sounds hollow when tapped.

Yummy!  We ate it with our dinner but I am sure it would be lovely with soup.  It's inspiring to have made something that is so like bread in such a short amount of time, I will remember this in future when I realise I have run out of bread and don't have 6 hours to wait for a loaf to rise, I can easily make something to go with soup and not have to rush to the shops and buy a nasty supermarket loaf. 


  1. Ooh that looks good. I always struggle to find things to do with celeriac.

  2. It was very yummy but I put it in a tin and forgot about it until yesterday, it was mouldy boooo :(


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