Wednesday, 24 March 2010

A hard week so far

Hi everyone,

I have had a pretty tough week so far, I am very tired now and have a headache, the kids at school have been rubbish.  Exhausting!
Anyway I can always cheer myself up by checking my blog and seeing another wonderful person has decided to follow my blog.  This makes me sooooo happy, thankyou all very very much, you are all very important to me now. 
Over the weekend I photographed a few more things for my Etsy shop do take a look and please let me know what you think.  I would like to know if I am selling the sort of things people like to buy?  Have I photographed them ok?  Do you think I have had a good amount of people look at the items?  I am so new to all this and not feeling very confident. Well here they are anyway:

Please please let me know what you think, I really love to hear your opinion.  I welcome comments!


  1. I think your photographs are wonderful, perhaps that's another thing to sell in your esty shop?

  2. Thankyou, I may well do that. Just need to think what to photograph.

  3. lovely, lovely! how's school? all a muddle at my place, those wet March days seems to make my students lazy or CBA!!! as they say

  4. It's ok, feeling better now we have more sunlight, but it's still hard work and the kids are still nasty.

  5. The sheet-music garland is lovely! So simple and unique.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog today!

  6. Your creations are adorable! I fully respect teachers - without them our kids have no future.
    So hanging in there, I'm cheering on for ya!

    Thanks so much for swinging by my blog - now I'm following you!

  7. I really love the garland and the sweet buttons! I think your photography is lovely, too!

  8. I love the buttons - how wonderful and lovely are those... I also go crazy for sheetmusic, I just want to collect it and frame them everywhere.

    Great post - so glad you visited my blog, I appreciate the kind words. I truly hope you stay in touch!



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