Monday, 22 March 2010

I welcome comments and followers

Hello you!!

You look so fab today. Really.

I just wanted to tell you all that it is now super easy to follow my blog, simply click on Google follow button, and can I just tell you how happy it would make me if you did decide to follow my blog....It would make me very happy indeed!
I also want to tell you lovely lovely people that I really do welcome comments and I love to hear from you. It makes me smile to see a beautiful number next to that little comments button (a number other than 0 obviously.)
So to get the ball rolling...I teach a class called XC (stands for Cross Curricular, I will let you decide what that means) I did a task on identity a couple of weeks ago where I got my pupils to write one word to describe themselves for each letter of the alphabet. I did one for myself too, I won't give you the whole list but my favourite was E, for *enigmatic*.
What one word would you use to describe yourself?


  1. 'Mountainy' though I have to be honest and say that it was chosen for me, some years ago by a friend. Perhaps then
    the word I will choose is 'eccentric'

    Good luck with your blog and have lots of fun ;-)

  2. Gah this is hard. I'd say old. Even though "old soul" would fit better, but that's two words. Seriously, I'm one step away from being a granny. All I need to do is learn to knit to seal my fate :)

  3. You are only as old as you feel Elizabeth! I will let you have two words though, but how about lovely soul rather than old soul?

  4. Thanks for stopping by my little blog! Appreciate it :) :)
    It's hard to pick just one word to describe oneself...but I think I would have to pick 'curious' as mine.
    Good question :)

  5. Hmmm... I reckon 'lover' (of lots of things, rather than only in the biblical sense!) - of music, sunshine, my little boy, my lovely husband, the sun setting over the vineyard we live on...lots of things! Lovely blog, Serendipity is the name of my music studio - such a perfect word!


  6. How do I link to your other blog? Would love to have a wee look (being an ex teacher myself!)

  7. I think my favourite word would be for the letter M.. it's mum. I never expected to like it, indeed I never wanted children, but now that I have them I can't imagine a world without them. They have given me so much and helped me define myself as I never expected them to. Love your blog.xx


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