Thursday, 8 July 2010


Feeling a bit deflated today.  Had a rather unpleasant day at work with some nasty pupils and some unsupportive members of staff. I am feeling particularly unhappy about the fact that I have not had one word of thanks from the pupils or the parent's of the pupils who I took to St Ives last week.  Teaching truly is a thankless task. 
I also don't get nearly enough time to do my own art work, half the time I am at home I spend recovering from school.  I have had two very bad headaches this week that I have had to take pain killers for. Sorry for moaning but my husband is getting sick of listening to me moan about school so I need some other outlet!
On a more positive note, only one week and three days till the summer holidays!!

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  1. Moan on girl...... there's lots of blog love out here comes a hug!


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