Saturday, 3 July 2010

St Ives

Back from a school trip to St Ives today, had a really wonderful time, St Ives is so beautiful.  Here are some of my favorite photos from the trip:

At the Holy Well

At the Barbara Hepworth Museum and Garden,

My studio space at the St Ives School of Painting,

My attempts at Hepworth inspired chalk and charcoal drawing,

Pretty patterns made in the sand (not by me sadly)

I really did have a wonderful time, I mostly enjoyed wondering through the many many little art gelleries that they have all though the centre of St Ives displaying work of local and national artists.  Sometimes the artists were even there to chat to.  I saw some truly beautiful art work and especially enjoyed the work of Izumi Omori and Yvonne Coomber at the Imagination Gallery and the work of Lily Van Der Stokker  at the Tate St Ives.  I also really enjoyed wandering through the Barbara Hepworth Museum and Garden,

I was so inspired by the whole thing and am now desparate to get started on my own work, especially from the mono prints, sketches and painting I did during the workshops we had. 

I really needed this break to get away from lots of things really, and felt really good while I was away, I feel refreshed and renewed and ready to face the final two weeks and two days of term that I have left!!


  1. Lovely pattern in the sand. Looks like a good place to have a school trip. The painting/chalk drawing is lovely too.
    Thank you for the comment, think of trying to make a tutorial for the notebook mod. It's no where near a perfect cover but it looks so much prettier than the other cover.

  2. Hi, love your photos of St Ives, you've reminded me just how lovely it is down there. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I read your request for help with your blog - my advice, because I'm not technical is to look at the blogs you love, analyse why you like them and send the owners emails, some will answer, and others won't but you might get some help. Some sites have contact details for their 'layouts' etc on them as well. I went to Shabbyblogs because it suits my style as well as I could manage to understand enough to do it myself, lol. Good luck and enjoy the summer hols, Sharon x

  3. Thanks for your post about St Ives - yes it is wonderful.

    Hope you get back here soon.



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