Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Welsh Wedding

A couple of weeks ago the hubby and I took ourselves off the the beautiful Welsh Valleys for the wedding of my old Uni house mate Anj.  It was truly a beautiful day and a wonderful wedding, so much love and happiness.  Her new husband is a dairy farmer so there was a lovely little bit of a milkmaid theme going on with mini milk jug favours and large milk jug flower arrangements. There was a delicious buffet dinner with the most amazing tasting potatoes I have even tried, no joke, then later on a hog roast and a delectable ice cream stand selling the most tasty mint choc-chip I think I have ever tried.
Here are some pics:

I really wish them both the most wonderful marriage because they are such a lovely couple.


  1. Wonderful photos! The bride looks gorgeous!

  2. I love her dress!
    And I've been missing your blog--glad you're back :)
    (sorry if this posted twice--my computer is acting like it doesn't know what it's doing)

  3. Looks like a lovely day and great photos, did you take these?


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