Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Mid-Century Modern furniture with a contemporary twist

A few weeks ago (before the little Mr arrived) hubby and I were out and about on the lookout for a piece of second hand furniture to use as a changing table for the nursery.  During our search through Reading we came across a lovely man selling upcycled, restored retro vintage furniture in his studio/workshop 23 Chairs and I was in love.  Sadly the pieces were out of our price range (but only just, and they were well worth the price he was asking) so all I could do was drool over them and share them with you!

Restored dining table with pain detail on top,

 Restored sideboard with paint detail on the front, love this,

 How amazing is this? Do you love it? I think the paint work is brilliant, makes it really contemporary,

 Love the colour of this formica chest of drawers and the curved lamiante wood.

You can check out more of this guy's furniture on his website here.
Hope you are all having a good week my lovelies.


  1. Oh wow they are all amazing! Tom and I are off second hand furniture shopping on saturday. I've got so many great pieces second hand. My old sewing desk was a tenner from a place called shabitat in Brighton! Sadly when we moved I had to get rid of it because it was too big! So on the hunt for a new one!

    Also, Tom sends his love and his congrats on the little one!


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