Friday, 9 March 2012

My birth story

Orren is now nearly 3 weeks old (oh my gosh the time has flown) and I am starting to come to terms with the most emotional, painful and wonderful experience I have ever gone through.  I still find it hard to recall the really awful moments, but am ready to share the cold hard facts of his birth, sorry if you find some of this to be too much information, but it is part of my story, please just skip it if you find anything offensive. 
It all began on the Thursday before the Saturday when he arrived.  mother nature gave me a little taster of what contractions would be like by giving me cramps every five minutes throughout the whole day, just mild contractions that lasted about 10 seconds.  They felt a bit like when you get trapped wind.   By the evening they had stopped and I had nothing all day Friday.  Then I woke up at about 7.00 am on Saturday morning and had to rush to the loo because I had diarrhea. Went back to bed but had to go back to the loo a few minutes later with the same feeling, this time found that my mucus plug had gone, and while I was on the toilet my waters broke.  I called my husband and we rang the hospital.  The hospital was doubtful that my waters had broken (apparently 80% of women who think their waters have broken have just weed themselves)  so I was told to put in a pad and wait two hours.  Well I filled several pads as my waters kept breaking (that's something they don't show in the films)  so we decided to go straight into hospital and not wait the recommended two hours.
On the drive to the hospital I really felt that Orren had lost the liquid that he was suspended in and he seemed to lurch from one side of my tummy to the other on bends.
When we arrived at the hospital I was examined and found to be 8cm dilated, I was so glad because the contractions were getting stronger and I wondered how I could cope if I still had hours to go.  We were taken straight into a delivery room, it was too late for my dream of a water birth.
Once in the delivery room the midwife checked Orren's heart rate, it was a little slow, but nothing to worry about at that point.  I was on my knees with the head of the bed raised and my arms resting on the head of the bed.
The contractions got stronger, and it began feeling like I had no control any more of my body, the cramps flung my body backwards as I gripped the back of the bed.  It was much more painful that I had expected and I sobbed through a lot of the labour moaning about how much it hurt to my husband while he held the gas and air mouth piece and rubbed my back.
The midwife told me to try not to push if I got the urge but whenever I had a contraction my body pushed and I couldn't help it.  I asked her if it would be much longer so she checked me and I was fully dilated except for a small lip of cervix, so not long after that I was able to start pushing.
After some time the baby was not progressing, with each push his head came down a little but then went back up again in between, also his heart rate had slowed and there was merconium (baby's first poo) in the waters which meant he might be distressed, so they asked me to turn over onto my back.
I pressed my chin into my chest and pushed with all my might till I was red in the face and gradually he started moving down, I sobbed after each push saying that I couldn't push any more, it seemed I came to the end of my push and the midwife was still saying "keep pushing".  The midwife wanted to get him out quicker than my body was able to so performed an episiotamy, as she made the cut his head came out, his arm was up by his ear which cased a labial tear which was quite honestly the most painful thing ever, then on the next contraction his body slithered out and he was placed on my chest.  I felt such immense relief that he was out and it was over, he was beautiful, perfect and pink.  His breathing was a little slow so he was taken to the resuscitaire for some oxygen.  Then returned to me for another cuddle.  I felt like I could never ever do it again, but that it definitely was worth it.  Holding my baby in my arms was and is just the most wonderful thing imaginable, and I have a new found respect for mothers and parents generally that have gone through this. There is nothing like it, and nothing can prepare you for it.
Now the real adventure begins!


  1. Well done you! Nobody would dare to say just how painful childbirth really is! When asked we just say 'oh it hurts a bit' when in my case I want to say 'omg! I thought that I was dying the pain was sooooo bad and the nurses mistakenly thought I was in labour'! Yikes! Mind you, the gift at the end is truly amazing!

  2. I think nature has a way of making you forget the pain or the human race would die out if we all stuck to one child!!!

  3. Phew! That takes me back! I think you have been wise to write it down. I've forgotten a lot (as you and the others are saying, that's probably necessary) but as it only happens a few times in the average woman's life, yet it's a really important beginning to your life together as a family, it's worth remembering! Enjoy your wonderful adventure together, and remember that the bad times don't last.


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