Sunday, 15 April 2012

1950s Kitchen at Basildon Park

My lovely parents came to visit at the weekend so the hubby and I thought it would be nice to take them on an afternoon out to the beautiful Basildon Park.  Basildon Park has an impressive Georgian Manor surrounded by glorious parkland. The property was restored in the 1950s by Lord and Lady Iliffe.  Sadly hubby and I didn't get to see the interior of the house because the little Mr was being fussy, he didn't want to be carried and we weren't allowed to take the pushchair in, so we strolled around the gardens while my parents looked round the house.   When they came out my mum excitedly told me about 1950s kitchen in the house and said that I would love it, I couldn't leave without having at least a quick look so we went it the exit and up to the kitchen. It was the best thing ever!  Complete with a woman dressed in a 1950s apron baking biscuits!  I whizzed round taking photos of the vintage loveliness and now I want to paint all my kitchen cupboards green and attach aluminium handles.

Fantastic picnic hamper, I actually saw one of these in a charity shop once but couldn't justify buying it when we have such a small house and no where to keep it.

Lovely range cooker,

 Original 1950s recipe books,

 Fabulous mixer,

 1950s house wife? loving the apron,

Look at the cupboards, just look at them, love love love, the colour is fantastic, they were metal and beautiful,

 How fun is this mixer cover?

A cupboard full of 1950s goodies,

Love this tea set, and is such beautiful condition,

There was also a 1950s living room set up in the stable block, how awesome are these chairs? Actually saw some like this in a junk shop a while ago,

Do you love the 1950s?  I would love to go back there, except for the sexism of course.  What did you do this weekend?


  1. I'm also a little bit in Love with the 50's. I think I was born in the wrong era all the time! My kitchen units are pretty much painted in that colour green too! This weekend Myself and the boys went on a steam and diesel train (lots of pics on my blog) and that was like stepping back in time.

    It looks like you had a lovely time


  2. It was lovely, and thankfully nice weather too, I am very tempted to paint my kitchen cupboards that colour too.

  3. He he The Be-Ro book was still in use in my mum's house until the 80's when we had a grand chuck out ready to move! If only we had kept all that stuff......


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