Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Etsy Feature

I am feeling fired up about art this week and just itching to get my paints and collage stuff out and get making, time is tight at the moment now though with a new baby, a house and a husband to look after so in the mean time I will just have to drool over these gorgeous artworks on Etsy:

Original Large Abstract Acrylic and Mixed Media Painting on Wood Panel
Love the colours, the glitter, the texture and the use of circles,

rain rain go away PRINT
Love the sort colours and shapes, the collaged cups, the use of text,

Fine Art Print from Original Painting - Stand Upon
Love the layering, the variety of shapes, the colour pallet,

24 x 36 Original Abstract Art painting 24 X 36 green pink brown white wedding gift love canvas
Love the stencilled letters, the loose paintwork, the balanced composition,

Mixed Media Painting on Wood
Love the character, the black outlines, which highlights,

Sale -'True Colours' - Original abstract painting
Love the broad  strokes contrasting with the delicate black lines, 

Original  Modern Abstract Art Mixed Media Painting/Illustration - When the Sun Goes Down - 8x10
Love the angular shapes, the bright colours, the pattern,

July 2011 - 1 - Original Abstract Oil Painting - 72.7 cm x 72.7 cm (app. 28.6" x 28.6")
Love the blocks of colour against the fields of colours, love the variety of sized of squares.

Click on each artwork to view each artists shop.

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  1. Oh I love the first one! It's completely stunning!

    I'm running a little make something swap on my blog which I thought you might be interested in. Completely understand if you don't take part though - as having a wee one probably means you won't have time! http://www.skullsandponies.com/2012/04/make-something-swap-part-2.html


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