Thursday, 14 June 2012

Silchester Roman Ruins

On Sunday Paul and I went to Silcester Roman ruins, I have written about it before here.  It is a fantastic place to go for a walk and it is the first time we have been there with Orren.  It was a lovely sunny evening and we really enjoyed wondering around the perimeter of the Roman town.  It is so amazing to think that there really was a thriving city there thousands of years ago, it really is hard to believe when all that is left now is a wall and a field.
What stuck me most was how such a powerful and wealth society could totally collapse with almost no trace within a few thousand years.  In fact every powerful society has collapsed if you think about it.  I wonder how long ours will last?

 Detail of original Roman wall

 View at the top of the wall

View of the medieval church that dates back to the 12th Century AD

 Road that runs through the centre of "town"

Timed photo with Orren in the Moby wrap, forward facing now!

One of two entrances into the "town"

My hot husband!

Hope you are all having a great week.

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