Friday, 16 November 2012

Advent Calendar Ideas

This year we are planning on having a really special Christmas at home with our new little family.  It will be our first Christmas spent at home together and Orren's very first Christmas, we want it to be really special and lovely, I also want it to be as stress free as possible which is why I am already thinking about it, as it is creeping up quickly.  Everyone's Christmas usually begins with a count down, often a gaudy cardboard calender filled with cheap chocolates and decorated with a tacky kids cartoon character, not very festive in my opinion, so this year I have decided to make my own.  Pintrest provided me with myriad ideas and I am pretty set on the idea of having pockets, I was initially thinking I could make a fabric calendar with large pockets to hold a tasty chocolate, but now I am thinking of making paper envelopes and putting a little fun, festive Christmas activity idea in each, I think this is more fun and thoughtful.
Here are some of the fab advent calendars I saw on Pintrest, honestly I could make any one of these, they area all so it is so hard to make a decision.

Really like the use of burlap on this one, it is a simple design which I think I could manage,

Love the idea of stringing little envelopes across a large picture frame,

Decorated brown paper envelope advent calendar 

There intricately decorated envelopes are so beautiful but I think this could be a bit expensive for my budget,

Pocket advent calendar 

Love the idea of hanging little gifts of a branch, or tree, I have some driftwood branches that would work really well with this idea,

advent calendar tree 

I like the simplicity of this design, but I would probably make my own envelopes with Christmassy paper of vintage music sheet,

white paper envelope Advent calendar. 

I like the idea of using pegs to hold gifts or envelopes, but I am not sure what I would glue the peg to?

Advent Calander with pegs and presents 

Another fun design with beautifully decorated paper envelopes, this one is probably more realistic for me to make as there are less embellishments,

Advent Pocket Calander 

I like this simple design, it has a sort of Shaker/ New England feel that I love,

fabric wall hanging Advent calander

Lace and doilies!!  Need I say any more?

doily advent calander 

Another simple envelope design,

brown paper envelope pocketcAdvent Calendar!

I like the idea of using little boxes and decorating the lids with Christmassy paper, but I am not sure where I would get 24 little boxes from without spending money I don't have!

advent calander with small boxes 

What do you do Advent Calendar wise for Christmas?  Have you made your own? What did you do?

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