Monday, 17 December 2012

Bo and Ted

I can't remember how Julia and I became friends but somewhere between years 9 and 10 of High school we did.  Maybe it was because we both liked Phil Allan or was it because we sat next to each other in English? I can't remember but something clicked.  We had some very fun times together Julia and I, the first time I vomited from alcohol was in her house one half term...good times, we went camping on the Duke of Edinburgh Award together and hung out in the music room at break time (yes I was a band geek at school).  Anyway at some point after year 13 Julia and I lost contact and through the power of Facebook just over a year ago we got back in touch and met up for a coffee.  Who would have thought that so many years had passed?  The chat came easily.   Thank you Facebook, finally after years of making me feel like everyone else was having more fun, you brought something good into my life. 
So what is the point of me telling you all this? well, turns out my friend Julia is pretty crafty of the knitting and sewing variety, she has a shop on ebay called Bo and Ted selling some really lovely knitted pram blankets and some other gorgeous items (which seems to be selling pretty quickly might I add, two items already sold since I last looked.) and I thought I would share them with you, take a look:



I am sure she would love it if you took a look, amazingly she is offering free postage!!

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