Sunday, 16 December 2012

My advent calander

I know it is too late to share this calender as a tutorial or anything, but I thought I would share it anyway just to show I do follow things through!


In each of the envelopes is an activity to do on that day.  I can't say I have stuck to it rigidly because I didn't want to stress myself out with it at probably the most stressful time of the year.  
These are the activities from the list:

1st – Saturday - Photograph Orren in his Christmas outfit
2nd – Sunday – Make Christmas gift wish list
3rd – Monday – Design and make lino cut for Christmas cards
4th – Tuesday – Print Christmas cards
5th – Wednesday – Write Christmas cards
6th – Thursday – Post Christmas cards
7th – Friday – Drink spiced cider
8th –Saturday – Bring in the Christmas tree and decorate it
9th – Sunday – Do a Christmas puzzle
10th – Monday – Get Christmas books out of the library for Orren
11th – Tuesday – Make a gingerbread house
12th – Wednesday – Buy a Christmas scrap book 
13th – Thursday – Make a Christmas wreath
14th – Friday – Watch “it’s a Wonderful Life”
15th – Saturday – Buy new pyjamas for Christmas morning
16th – Sunday – Make  a Christmas tree ornament
17th – Monday – Make mince pies
18th – Tuesday – Wrap Christmas presents
19th – Wednesday - Make hot chocolate with a candy cane stirrer
20th – Thursday – Make Christmas place mats
21st – Friday – Make Christmas stockings
22nd – Saturday – Have a candle lit meal
23rd – Sunday – Drink mulled wine
24th – Monday – Go to crib service at Church, read the night before Christmas
Shopping list:

I made the calender by making my own envelopes from Christmas scrap booking paper the used a typewriter to type the activities on corresponding paper.  I mounted the envelopes on a piece of mount board which I covered with brown wrapping paper glues down with a pritt stick, I glues a little peg to the mount board with attached each envelope to the board with this.  I made a little number on each envelope by gluing brown wrapping paper to thin card the drawing round the lid of the pritt stick and cutting it out. I then drew on the number and glued them to the envelope. 
 As for me, I am happily getting ready for Christmas and enjoying my lovely little boy who is getting bigger everyday, I can hardly keep up.  He crawls now and can pull himself up to standing, he is charming.
Hope you are all good and enjoying the festive season.


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