Monday, 7 January 2013

New Years Resolutions

I didn't make any New Years resolutions last year, I knew with a new baby on the way I would have enough challenges to face in 2012.  As we begin a new year, I have to say I am really glad that I didn't make any resolutions, but now I am feeling ready to make some changes in my life for the better, I have got lazy over the last year, lazy with eating, drinking, reading, TV watching and surfing the net, I want to clean up these areas of my life a bit and make my life more like I want it to be.  Also it's not just about me this year, it is me and Orren and our family generally.  So after much thought and editing, here is my list of New Years Resolutions.

I often wish that we didn't have a TV, I envy others who are able to go without watching it at all.  I want the space in my head and life, I also don't want Orren watching the TV and he has been recently, which is totally against my philosophy and I can't even believe I have allowed it, so my first resolution is no TV during the day, the TV only goes on in the evening.   I know this is going to be hard for me because I do enjoy watching the TV while eating my breakfast and lunch, and when breastfeeding, but I really want this change in my and Orren's life. If any one has any tips on giving up TV I would love to hear them.

Having a baby changed me, no doubt about it, mostly it made me a stronger more passionate, empathetic person, but there have also been some negative changes.  I am far more insecure than I ever was and find myself feeling bad about so many things and worrying about upsetting people, getting upset about being left out and worrying that everyone else is having more fun than me. One of the causes of me feeling bad is b**dy Facebook.  Seriously, I hate the thing, and yet I don't seem to be able to stop myself going on a seeing what everyone else is up to.  The result, "X, Y and Z seem to be so happy and having so much fun, my life is s**t".  So, my next resolution is not to avoid Facebook altogether but to only go on to add photos for my family a friends to see and to arrange get togethers with friends and groups etc.  No more scrolling through other people's activities and making myself feel bad, Facebook doesn't control me, I control it, I will use it only on my own terms.

This year we have been pretty lazy when it comes to food, not planning in advance and eating a lot from the freezer. I can forgive myself this since we were getting to grips with a new baby, but I think now is the time to improve our diet, not just for our sake but because Orren now joins us for three meals a day and I want him to develop healthy eating habits. I also think making more food from scratch is beneficial in terms of self-sufficient, it will also challenge me to think more and be more creative with meals.  So basically this resolution is about avoiding processed food, planning all our meals much more carefully and being more creative with what we are eating (i.e. not just variations of beans on toast for lunch every day).  To add to this I also want to dramatically reduce the amount of sugar I am eating.  I usually have a tablespoon of golden syrup on my porridge every day and I think it is making me feel bad, itchy and runny nose bad.  Oh and caffeine.  I should probably try to reduce the amount of that I have too.  Green tea from now on. The ultimate aim of all these diet changes is that I will be able to get back to the weight I was at my wedding, and I will be able to stop taking anti-histamines for allergies and using steroid creams for my skin.  I also want to make more of my own natural remedies and home remedies for minor ailments.

Although I am planning on not watching TV during the day, I do enjoy some down time in the evening where I can stop thinking and zone out for a bit, however I do feel like this is wasted time, especially as this is the only time during the day that I get alone without a small child to look after (who by the way is into everything), so my next resolution is to do a craft project in the evenings while I am watching TV.  To help me with this resolution I am going to get the craft activity ready during the day because if I leave it till the evening then it's too late to get craft supplies out of the cupboard in the bedroom next to the cot where Orren sleeps.

Two years ago I started reading "The Bible in a year"  This year I will finish it!

On top of theses main resolutions I have a little list of other changes I want to make:

Do you make New Years Reolutions?  What are they this year?

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