Friday, 1 March 2013

Forest Girl

A little while ago a friend of ours came over and we were chatting about mobile phones and I was telling him how for ages I didn't know how to work the internet on my phone if I was away from the house and I was always like "meh", then we changed internet provider and I couldn't get on the internet on my phone at home either and I was still all "meh" and our friend said "that's cause your a bit of a forest girl isn't it"  I was like YES!! (but only in my head because I didn't want to seem crazy, and really said "yeah" in a kind of normal way) I am a forest girl, I like to feel free and unplugged and like I could live in a forest.
Check it out:
Forest house
Yes a Mori girl could absolutely live here.
Outdoor Picnic Setting
This would be my forest lunch
I would look like this...dreamy
#Japanese fashion #Mori girl
Or maybe like this.
#quote #inspiring #dreamy #photography #forest #green #trees
And I would tell myself this.
Do you find peace in the forest?


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