Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Fabulous Car Boot Find

What a find!!

Went to a car boot sale in Reading on Sunday, the biggest in Reading apparently!  It was brilliant, we arrived quite near the end and people were already starting to pack their things away, so we were rushing around a bit but quite quickly I noticed something peeking out of a box.  At first I noticed the colour, a lovely sagey green colour, and it was the shape of a polaroid camers, in fact I thought it was a camera at first but on closer inspection I read that it was a solar viewer, I didn't really know what this was and didn't know if it worked but asked the price and imagine my joy when the seller asked for just £2.00!
I though, even if it doesn't work it would look lovely on a shelf, so I snapped it up.
I inspected the inside when I got home and discovered that it was a sort of slide projector that you look into to view slides of photographs; it needed three batterys.  It already had a bulb which looked like it would still work and also came with instructions and several sets of slides from some elderly couple's holidays.
My lovely hubby broought home some batterys this evening and I tested out, it worked!!  What loveliness.  And to make things even more wonderful one of the sets of slides in from Mont Serratt in Spain, a place where we went on holiday a couple of years ago!!
Here are some pictures of my wonderful find.

The Mont Serratt slide

Someplete with instructions and several sets of slides!

Happy days.

Also snapped up two crocheted table cloths and two crocheted doilies, a plastic yellow lemon squeezer and two books of cigarette cards, one of flowers and one of butterflies.

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  1. Oh I like that very much! Not the same but it reminded me of a little Disney picture viewer I had as a child, love the colour and what a bargain!


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