Thursday, 4 August 2011

Day 2 - 30-day Mori Girl Challenge

10 things you love in Mori

1. Flat shoes, I really can't stand wearing heels for any length of time,

2. Lose clothes, so much more comfortable that having a cinched in waist all the time.

3. Being in the forest, I love being with nature, the smells, sights and sounds, so peaceful and relaxing,

4. Bike rides, Mori girls love bicycles and there is nothing better than a breezy bike ride on a sunny afternoon,

5. Looking at Mori girl websites and drooling over the clothes, accessories and interior design, plus beautiful photographs of forests,

6. Reading, currently reading "Hattie Big Sky", I am on my summer holidays now, so laid in bed till half past 10 reading this morning,

7. Hand made and customised clothing, I love making my clothes unique with bits of lace, buttons, net and ribbons,

8. Day dreaming, literally sitting and staring off into space for a few moments, savouring the moment and resting and relaxing in it,

9. Flowers and floral prints, on clothes, stationary, interior textiles, you name it, if it's got little flower prints on it then I love it, also loving fresh flowers,

10. Wearing clothes that are cool on a hot summers day, and lovely knitted layers in the winter.

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