Thursday, 4 August 2011

Day 3 - 30-day Mori Girl Challenge

10 things you dislike in Mori

1. I dislike that I am not skinny and thus don't look elegant in smocks, overalls or tunics but rather look like a big fat person wearing a giant tent, 

2. I love watching TV, am pretty addicted to be honest, I sort of think that Mori girls shouldn't spend quite so much of their day watching Jeremy Kyle et al,

3. How there is a very fine like between looking like you live in a forest and looking like a little girl, I DO NOT want to look like a little girl, I am 28,
((Pictures from Alice Deco a la Mode. Scans by TheVisual_Beast))

4. How all the models wearing Mori are skinny,


5. Wearing a stuffed toy round your neck - No,

6. Wearing furs, vintage ok (although I don't think you would catch me in one,) but new is a no for me,


give me your head band

7. How I don't have a forest near me:

No forests here!
8. How I have never been to Japan,

9. When Mori girl strays into Dolly Kei or Lolita,




dolly kei + sailor scout :) -grimoire party-

10. When Mori girl looks scruffy,


Stuffed toy + fur + little girl make-up = My worst nightmare.


  1. See, the last photo doesn't look what I think a Mori girl is so does she count?

    Agreed with number one- I have Jessica rabbit proportions and look an utter fool (nee tart) in anything delicate, loose or floaty. I'm hoping that by learning to sew I can find a way of blending my needs with my aspirations.

  2. Heh heh, No I don't think the last one is Mori, but I found the photo on a Mori website!?

    I think learning to sew would be an excellent start, you can make your own and customise clothes you already have or acquire.

  3. I had to google Mori! how square am I!! lol! x

  4. Not at all Annie, it's just something I am into.

  5. Haha! I'm also doing this challenge! I never really saw alot of the ugly side of mori girls.
    I also think it's rare for a mori girl to sport stuffed toy as necklace.
    The last pic doesn't look mori at all! XD
    I'm fat too, but I think mori is the kind of fashion that's not that body conscious compared to other styles :)

  6. I totally agree! I also think when they have a wig and fake lashes etc... its sort of moving too far away from the natural look of mori. I too am an older morimama and I have boobs! I would look ridiculously frumpy and horrible in a smock, though I reckon it could work for maternity etc... But I love the loose comfy fit of morigirl clothes. I am totally into the lifestyle, its just me all over, books, tea, walks, imagination, but I too watch TV! lol. I am sure we are kindred spirits. So nice to read a mori blog by someone a little older. ta from australia.

    1. The ones wearing fake lashes and wigs seemed to be city mori. Girls who try to bring the forest to the city and blend it.

  7. That pic of the girls with Sailor Moon merch, they are Cult Party Kei lol


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