Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Sorry for neglecting you

Hi everyone,

I am sorry for neglecting you over the last few weeks.  To be honest I don't have any news for you right now, but I felt I should write to keep Serendipitychild up to date.
I didn't even post to share with you that I sold this gorgeous posy vase in my Etsy shop:

I also sold some of my map bunting:

Yesterday was my first day back at school for the September term, and it was blummin hard work, and the kids weren't even there, it seems that 6 weeks sat on my backside has its consequences; a bad back and sore legs!
Today the kids were back in and I taught two KS3 classes.  First lesson back we always do a drawing test where we get the lovelies to draw their shoe.  It's an interesting process because there is always a massive variety of skills and abilities when they arrive at the school.  I just have to mark them all now!
I am quite glad to be back though and back in the swing of things,  it is good to have more of a focus in my day.
We have quite a busy month this month with lots of things going on at weekends, including going to see Hard-Fi in London and a couple of birthday parties (including my lovely lovely hubby).  
Winter is definitely in the air in the South of England and I am looking forward to crunching leaves under my feel and wearing scarves again, not to sure about the gale force winds we have been having today though.

Hope you are all good.



  1. Its been so hot the last two days down our way (Dartford area). Been desperate for some rain even with the winds. Might just be me though lol

  2. The old 'shoe drawing' - Great to have a new group of shining faces!


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