Thursday, 5 January 2012

If I had lots of money.....Etsy beautiful maternity clothes

'Gorgeous maternity clothes' by serendipitychild

Teal Green maternity nursing...

Hummingbird and Flower Mater...

Play Pants, maternity (hemp ...

Womens Maternity Blouse Gold...

Oo2958 Maternity. Classic e...


THE GENEVA--Mauve, Cream, & ...

Maternity Dress.Teal Blue.

Greyish-blue Maternity Wrap ...

White Maternity Shirt - Alic...

Maternity Blouse. Sale 50%...

Maternity Dress- 'Butte...

Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.


  1. So pretty. They get better every year. I really struggled to find nice nursing tops though. They were all boring jerseys or baggy and I just wanted a print or something sparkly... Hides puke stains better :D

  2. Yes I agree, I have found myself wearing mostly black and grey thought the entire pregnancy, I want colour!!


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