Monday, 30 January 2012

Maternity leave: Day one

On Friday I had my last day at school for some time.  It was possibly the most incredible anti-climax of my life.  I thought it would feel so wonderful and such a relief, but of course to everyone else at school it was just another normal day so there was very little in the way of celebration. It is a strange feeling really; to be off work for something other than a half term or holiday, the true reason for not being at work hasn't really sunk in yet.  
So how has the first day been?  Well pretty good really, I got up late and came downstairs to find a silly surprise left by my husband:

The cuddly lion we bought for baby all snuggled up in our new moses basket!
I spent the day tidying and sorting, trying to get the baby's room ready and doing general housework, everything takes a v.e.r.y long time because I am so slow!  
When my hubby got home, he had another surprise for me:

Oooh yes! A box of doughnuts!  


  1. What a sweet husband!!!
    How close are you to your due date?

  2. What lovely surprises, how thoughtful :) x

  3. Due date is 21st Feb, so three weeks to go! But I am officially full term at 37 weeks today, so could be any day now, or I might have to wait 5 weeks! (really hope not)


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