Saturday, 8 May 2010

Re-fashioned sweater tutorial

Time for another unscheduled tutorial.  We stayed in all day today because it was cold outside, I had a headache and we felt lazy, however I did manage to make a cushion, decorated with some doilies that my wonderful husband bought me from Oxford's Gloucester Green Market, (I am so lucky to have a husband who doesn't mind indulging my bizarre fetishes!). 
Here is a rather dodgy photo of the cushion:

I also made this bag out of some old fabric I had:

(another dodgy photo)

So here is my tutorial for the re-fashioned sweater.  Here is a picture of the sweater to begin with:

As you can see it is not the most flattering of jumpers, it is too short for me for one thing.  Also it has this rather hideous stain on the cuff that I sustained from a malicious banana:

So first I cut the sweater straight down the middle (just at the front):

Then I cut a section out of the sleeves which included the stained section:

Remove the sleeve section then pin a little hem down the front.

Pin the little pieces off cuff that were left onto the sleeves:

Sew the cuffs and the seams down the front.  With the cuffs it was a little tricky because the cuff piece was narrower than the sleeve bit so I had to stretch the cuff bit so that it fitted into the sleeve properly:

Much better!

Then I sewed a little flower for the lapel just to add a bit of fun:

I am really pleased and proud of myself, I have never done anythng like this before and I think it was pretty successful.  It was a simple design bit but I think it worked.


  1. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit today. It's nice to meet you.

    Love the sweater transformation. It looks great.
    And I love the British term for sweater - jumper.

    Oh, and about your previous post - I can finally say I am happy to be past all that!!!! lol Will have to mention it to my daughter!!!! :)

  2. Thankyou for stopping by my blog, and your lovely comments.
    Love your nettle tea and your jumper makeover -hope to try that one out!
    You've got a lovely blog, I look forward to reading your posts.
    Have a good week,


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