Thursday, 20 May 2010

want to post but no time to post

Why is there never any time to do the things you enjoy?  And when you do make time to do them you just feel guilty for doing them becasue you know that what you really should be doing are the things that you don't enjoy.  Booooooo!

I have several posts in  my mind waiting to be posted but just don't have the time.  I will hopefull do them tomorrow because it's friday but in the mean time I am just going to feel fed up and miserable because I am not doing the things I enjoy, only the things I hate.  (My husband says "thats life".  Humph!)


  1. I do hope you get some time to enjoy the beautiful weather we're predicted this weekend, I know the feeling though, but it can't be all work work work all the time, take an hour of two to do something really rewarding :)

  2. Hi ... You won my Brooch giveaway!! Email me a postal address and it's in the mail!


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