Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Birthday photos

Sorry I haven't been around lately, had things on my mind , which I will probably share with you at some point.  I have noticed that talking about things that are going on help me to understand how I feel about them.  Just last night I was talking to a very old friend on Facebook and told him all about my life at the moment, it was nice to talk to someone who is out of my immediate loop, gives me a different perspective.
Anyway, I thought you would like to see some photos from my birthday weekend because I have a lovely lovely time.
I went to stay with my friend Hannah and two of her lovely sisters (all of whom I have known since they were born!) in London.  On Friday night we went to a fabulous cafe called Drink, Shop, Do.  I had been wanting to go there for ages after seeing a fellow blogger had been there.
Basically it is a cafe, which contains all vintage and mid-century-modern furniture.  We had an afternoon tea which arrived on a cake stand made from all different vintage plates, the tea was served in all different vintage tea pots and with all mis-matched cups and saucers, it was sooo cool.  The decor inside was absolutely my taste, I kept gasping every time I turned my head and saw another fabulous thing.  The melamine tables alone were enough to give me palpitations.
I had Earl Grey and cornflower tea which was delicious and all the sandwiches were so cute with their crusts cut off, by the time we got to the delicious selections of cakes we were stuffed!  (Mostly with tea of which I consumed 7 cups!)
The to top it all off we finished the lunch with a wonderful glass of cava.  Oh yes it really was wonderful.

For some reason if feels necessary to put on a silly face when pouring the tea!

Then we went for dinner and decided to go to a bar or cocktails, on the way we stopped at Platform 9 3/4 and adopted another silly pose:

Next morning we had a lovely fry up courtesy of Hannah and her kitchen:

All in all a really great weekend.
I love my friends!

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  1. That looks like fun!!! I love the cute little tea pots!


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