Monday, 20 June 2011

Youth Group painting

I have recently been helping run my church youth group on Sunday evenings and I was given the responsibility of  organising a group painting.  We decided we would create an image similar to that of the church logo which is a tree with people underneath it, the kids at youth group all designed their own logo and we combined them to create a new logo.  I was worried about being too "teachery" in the evening, but the girls who I help run the group with said I was really good.  It gave me a real boost to have people tell me I did really well because positive praise and encouragement like that rarely/never happens at school.  Also all the kids really enjoyed the painting, they tried really hard and were really appreciative, (again another thing that rarely happens in school)  All in all it was a really rewarding experience and is definitely the sort of thing I would like to do more of.

Here are some pics:

And the finished painting:


  1. Wonderful WORK!!! Congratulations!!!!

  2. Painting was my all time fave thing to do at youthgroup! looks like you had loads of fun and the outcome looks fantastic!


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