Sunday, 19 June 2011

Scotney Castle

Been really busy lately so haven't been able to post much, four weeks left of term!  yippee!  So soon I will have a bit more time and be able to post a bit more. I am hoping to stock up on some items for the craft shop, I have added some paper items recently, but really need to stock up on the vintage ceramics, which I really enjoy buying and selling.  Today I sold my Porcelain fawn bookends, which I am totally devastated about!  Because I love love love them,  but don't have the space to keep them for myself, so it is time for them to move onto a new loving home.  So I will hopefully be off to some car boot sales soon to get some more beautiful little friends to share with the world.

On Saturday Paul and I went with Paul's mum and dad to Scotney Castle in Kent.  It was a rainy day but we managed to catch a bit of sun as we walked round the gardens.  Here are some of my favourite pics.


  1. beautiful Photos, looks like a lovely place, and a little 'secret gardenish' if that's such a word! lol!

  2. Lovely fairy tale photos!

    I came to your site again through completely unrelated links. Well done!


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