Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Now I am 28

Twas my birthday yesterday and now I am 28 years on this beautiful planet.  I have been thinking about the future a lot, I am officially no longer in my mid twenties and am now fully in my late twenties and it is time for me to let go of a few things and move on.
Over the last few years some people who I once called my best friends have seriously let me down, confused me, saddened me and hurt me at times when they should have been happy for me and there for me, and another person who I have never considered a friend but have had in my life regardless, has led me doubt my life, my choices and my feelings, (for the worse), leaving me feeling very inadequate.
I have never felt that the feelings I have had have been fully resolved with these people and when I think about them or hear of them the old wounds open and the same feeling of pain and hurt gush out and my heart feels heavy and aches, but now I am beginning to understand that it doesn't matter because I have been put here for a greater purpose; to serve God and to glorify him in everything I do.  This knowledge gives me a sense of Peace, knowing I can rest in God's amazing purpose for my life and know that everything that has happened has taken place as part of his perfect plan.  What could be more wonderful that knowing I am here serving Him, this truly does overshadow the hurt and pain I have felt.  His purpose is greater than anything.


  1. Happy Birthday, my dear!!!

  2. happy birthday, helen! i hope you had a wonderful day (or maybe a birthday week? those are always fun!!!)

  3. Happy birthday! Don't be sad, things are always changing. Its the good things that are important.


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