Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Another new thing in the shop and a moan

I have a bit of a moan today but first I will just show you this new item in my shop:  It's a hanging decoration made from vintage maps, do you like it?  I haven't made any of my paper wares into 3D forms before so I enjoyed using embroidery and wadding to make this home accessory into a stuffed shape.

I have made a small and large one, only the large one is in the shop at the moment, I will be listing the small one tomorrow. Do you like?

So here is my moan.  I was driving on the motorway this afternoon and was overtaking in the central lane at 70mph (the speed limit)  Suddenly a car from behind me indicated into the middle lane the undertook me and sped off make a ride gesture with his hand/arm (something I am pretty sure a woman CAN'T be).  What a cheek!!  I saw no reason for him gesticulating at me like this, I had done nothing wrong , I don't know about you but I am definitely finding that people are becoming more aggressive on the roads.  When other drivers annoy me I just let it go over my head because I know it isn't worth getting angry about, I tend to think that being rude and aggressive towards others just adds negativity to the world, and really I want more love and peace not more anger and aggression. Having said that, I did leave this status update on Facebook to vent some of my miffedness:

"To the man on the M4 travelling West from Bracknell who gave me the wanker sign; the speed limit on the motorway is 70mph regardless of which lane you are in. Idiot."

However, he will never hear this so at least he won't know that he upset me with his unnecessary rudeness.   Some people...tsh.

How do you deal with rude and aggressive drivers?

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  1. Most of my naughty words are uttered in my car due to the idiocy of other drivers. Turns from the wrong lane, running stop lights, and so on. Very aggravating.


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