Saturday, 15 October 2011

The most revolting looking soup ever

So today we went for a lovely walk in some woods near us, the weather was glorious, so warm and bright, there was not a cloud in the sky, I always find walking in the woods like healing, I feel totally refreshed and revived after getting fresh air and sun on my skin.

Along the way we gathered lots of sweet chestnuts from their spikey jackets, it was bliss shuffling through the autumn leaves picking up and admiring the shiny smooth skins of the chestnuts in the glorious sun, some had fine silken hairs on them, like these:

When we got home I chopped some onions, garlic, celery and squash, added a stock cube and water, then boiled up the sweet chestnuts.  After cooling the chestnuts I spent about 45 minuted peeling the flaming things and I now have a very sore thumb.  The result was this absolutely disgusting looking soup, my husband names it spooky soup because it looks like something you might serve on Halloween!

Yes folks, your eyes are not deceiving you, you do not need to adjust your screens, that is in fact grey soup!

It was tasty though!


  1. I love soup but not sure I could eat grey soup! Mind you it sounds very tasty X

  2. Ha, I was reading and thought, this sounds delicious and then saw the picture and was surprised to find it grey! Not everything that's tasty is appealing to the eye!


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