Friday, 28 October 2011

What are you reading?

I am always reading.  I literally always have at least one book on the go; I read before I go to sleep, it helps me relax and sometimes, if the book is really good I will read while I am having my breakfast.  If I am ever out in the car for a long journey and my husband is driving, I read then too.  But recently I haven't been able to really settle into a book.  I have partially read an Alison Weir novel, then I started to read a book called "Last Child in the Woods"  I couldn't really get into either of them, not because they aren't good books but it just wasn't what I wanted or needed to read at this moment in time.  So I picked up a book off the shelf that I have read before called "Living the Good Life".  If you have read this blog a long time you will know that I am really into self-sufficiency, I have my own allotment and like to fantasise about having a smallholding, giving up work and doing it ourselves.  This book by Linda Cockburn is about her life of self-sufficiency in Australia and it is really great (like reading while I eat breakfast great).  I am in full on fantasy mode when it comes to self-sufficiency,  watched a couple of episodes of the Good Life this week and went to the allotment today to plant some broad beans.  All because of a couple of chapters of this fab book.

So what have you been reading recently, anything get you really inspired?

op.s. if you are interested Linda Cockburn has a blog about her life of self-sufficiency in Australia, read about it here.


  1. In reality I'm reading more of my daughters books then my own as she is a complete bookworm and would rather take a book to read then a toy (which is fine by me) but the last adult book I read was probably a cookery book. I know that sounds strange but I have a bakery booh which also goes into the historic and cultural detail of each recipe and I find that interesting. Plus a tonne of books on gift making in prep for Xmas. The last novel I read was so long ago I forget. Probably Eat Pray Love, actually. I like my non-fiction. I don't even watch much drama on TV or in Film if I'm honest. I'm in a factual stage of my life I think. I devour newspapers etc

  2. I really enjoy reading factual books too, I feel like I am stretching my brain a bit and learning something.


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