Monday, 4 January 2010


Happy New Year Everyone, (although a little late)
Had a really good new year actually, had one of my oldest friends over and her husband, and we drank, had a lovely dinner with a home made banoffee pie for desert, party poppers, a conga in the green opposite my house and we even cracked open the bottle of sloe gin we have been lovingly nurturing over the past four months! (Sadly it tasted of rubber, but hey, you win some, you lose some)
On Sunday my Husband and I went for a walk at a nature reserve near us called Dinton Pastures. It is a series of lakes with footpaths to walk round them. It was really lovely, a sunny day and we really enjoyed walking in lots of ice. In the fields next to the footpath there must have been a small amount of flooding. The water on the surface had frozen, then the water beneath the layer of ices had drained away so we were left with a sort of floating layer of ice that cracked and scrunched beautifully under our feel, it was extremely pleasurable, and I really wish I had my camera. It was a lovely walk.
Back to school today though and not very enjoyable, you can read more on my other blog which reveals the truth about state schools. Trying to remain positive though, and am keeping to my resolution of watching less TV. Normally I would have it on right now, but don't and I am not going to put it on till celebrity BB is on (sad I know) and even then I am going to do some of my wedding scrap book which I started back in May 08 and really need to get finished. Will post some pics of it up here at some point.

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