Friday, 8 January 2010

Snow days

Has three blissful days off work because of the snow, its been wonderful, just relaxing, journaling, going on the dance mat and generally having a happy time. Imagine our surprise when we saw this outside our bedroom window:

Here are a couple of pics from my new journal:

It's inspired by the work of Kelly Rae Roberts in her book which I recently purchased (tried to add link but no luck).
I am really enjoying the journaling but still finding it hard to get motivated, watching TV is still the easiest thing to do. Also recently been inspired by some lovely scrapbooking on other people's blogs which has made me what to improve on and finish my wedding scrapbook. May add some pictures if I can get it half decent!

Having my husband at home has been lovely though, its been nice just sitting with him while he is working and I am googling or looking at face book or whatever and chatting with him.

No plans for the weekend, just relaxing, I have bought some new seeds, and some of them can be planted now so may thinking about doing that if I can plant them in trays (ground is still frozen so no hope of planting them out!)

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