Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Back to normal life (more or less)

More snow last night but somehow made it into school for a rather manic day (kids always crazy when snow is about)

Went to Tate Modern At Gallery in London Yesterday on a school trip, was good to see the art work but I was mostly looking forward to going to the book shop. Tate Modern has the most amazing bookshop, I could spend literally hours in there perusing the piles and shelves of art craft design and fashion books, its amazing. Sadly I only had about 10 minutes before a quick dash back to the coach and back to school by 3.00pm. I did manage to bag a bargain note book though (to satisfy my notebook fetish!) here it is:
I love how it says "Manifesto" just think of the possibilities, the potential!! Oooh I am practically drooling. (Although it will probably end up on the top of my pile of other hugely potential note books!) The note book was a bargain reduced to £2.00 from £10.00 so I thus felt justified in spending a further £10.99 on this book: "How to be an artist". Oh of course I already know this ;) *smug* but it has some lovely was of generating ideas which I would like to use to inspire my creative journaling.
Well I guess thats all for now. byeee.

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