Tuesday, 19 January 2010

A wonderful weekend

Hi Guys,

Haven't blogged for a while so thought I would say what I have been up to.  I have just had the most wonderful weeked with family and friends in the Gower in South Wales.  My mum works in a Christian retreat there so we hired the whole place out for the weekend with some families we have know since we were babies!  My siblings and I are friends with their children and our parents are friends with their parents.  It was really great to see them all, and be surrounded by friends for a whole weekend.  I felt like we were all living together at one point, in a commune, and I was fantasising about what it would be like if it was real!  I quite enjoyed the idea at the time, but I am sure we would start to get on each others nervs if we really did live together.
Also on the Sunday the weather was beautiful and so we went for a walk to a beautiful bay called Oxwich, it was so amazingly beautiful it made me want to cry! The contrast between the beautiful greens the bright blue sky and the glistening sea, and the suburbs that I live in were shocking.  I felt like I could stay there forever.  What a shame we had to go home!
Thought I would include some photos of the weekend to give you a feel for it.

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