Sunday, 6 June 2010

Fashion Show

Hi Everyone,

It has been a really fun and stressful week of half term.  My birthday weekend was so fun and we did all the things that I like doing, here I am enjoying my birthday breakfast of coissants and bucksfizz!

Do you love the yellow gingham napkins?

This Friday we spent a very stressful day getting into London to see my sister's Fashion Degree show.  Somehow we got there on time and it was fantastic!  Her work was absolutely wonderful.

Here are a few pics of the day:

The last two photos were taken by my dad so theya re not as good (no offence dad).  It was really funny because I was there with my good camera and we were on the front row so after the show I had several of the designeres come up to me giving me their business cards because they thought I was someone special!

I am so proud of my sister, it was a beautiful collection and I really hope that she gets some work from it.  Here we are enjoying ourselves after the show:

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  1. i love those napkins!! Im obsessed with yellow gingham at the minute! I covered a scrapbook in it and everything!

    Im glad your bday was good! I am in the same boat.. my craft items are in two diff rooms and in boxes! The tidying ends up as throwing it in the cupboard so it looks tidy to the untrained eye!


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