Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Things I want to do vs things I have got to do.

Things I want to do:

Make collages,
Make clothes,
Weave baskets,
Work with clay,
Make jewellery,
Write poetry,
Exhibit my art work,
Photograph babies,
Photograph pretty things,
Plant things at the allotment,
Harvest things at the allotment,
Drink wine,
Being with family
Meet with friends,
Go on bike rides,
Walk in the woods,
Bake cup cakes,
Eat cup cakes,
Read books,
Shop for pretty things,
Make myself look pretty,
Look after my husband,
Have babies,

Things I have got to do:

Clean the bathroom,
Washing dishes,
Putting clothes in the washing machine,
Hanging clothes on the line,
Scrubbing the carpet,
Cleaning the kitchen floor,
Being with unpleasant people,
Weeding the allotment,
Putting things away,
Planning for lessons,
Attending meetings,
Going to work,
Going to work,
Woing to work,
Changing bed sheets,
Shopping for food,
Dress for practicality,
Going to the dentist,
Going to the doctors,
Have babies,

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  1. GET. an. iphone.

    you will not regret it. not one bit. i love mine. the apps have completely changed my life! ♥


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