Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Mori style in Noa Noa

For my birthday yesterday my husband took me for a trip to Henley in Oxfordshire, we had a really lovely day, eating a delicious lunch at Maison Blanc, drinking wine, shopping and strolling around the pretty streets and along he river.  We came across one of my favorite shops Noa Noa.  It is way too expensive for me to afford anything there but at least I enjoy looking.  I was so amazed with the tyling of the clothes in the Henley branch, the manequins were stunning and it was very much a Mori girl look unfortunately there were no images on the internet of the fabulous styling but here are some images of their lovely summer collection.  In the store itself there was a lot more layering of the items and it was all very pretty and drapey.  There was also a bit of a 1950's vibe which as you all know I am in love with at the moment.  Imagine!  One store satisfying both my obsession for Mori girl style and 1950's!!  What could be better?

Have a lovely week everyone, I am kicking back because it's half term!!

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  1. Happy belated birthday! Happy time off! Good golly, I love every picture and outfit you posted. If only I weren't half a world away, I'd head to that shop pronto. Course, I probably couldn't afford it either. But looking sure is fun, isn't it?


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