Friday, 27 August 2010


My husband Paul and I were having a conversation in the car when we were on our way to our holiday in Cornwall.  We were observing the number of ugly caravans that people own and how they all have the most inappropriate names.  We decided that there were basically three styles of caravan names out there, firstly those that make the caravan seem grand, second, those that make the caravan seem fast and third, those that make the caravan seem adventurous.  Take the following for example:


Personally I don't  find this caravan to have much charisma, nor do I imagine it to be swift!

Or how about:


Hmmm not sure this model could withstand a shower let alone a storm.

So we decided to come up with our own names for caravans, check these out:

The Home from Home,

The Cosy 200,

The Comfy Slipper,

The Take It Easy,

Do you think they would catch on?

I then lamented that there are no nice looking caravans out there and that I should design one myself, but then I found these beauties on weheartit:


Gorgeous or what?  Now I really want a caravan.  I would like one on my allotment instead of a shed.


  1. I LOVE the one with the red and white floor!

  2. Gorgeous caravans. Reminds me of my friend, Georgina, at Perpetual One. She's on my side bar as People to Visit.
    Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comment about my photos. It was so fun taking them.
    I'm sorry you are going into the cold, dreary time of the year. I'm so happy to see some sunshine again. It is very depressing having so many grey, cold days.


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