Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Hen party fun!

This weekend was the second part of my wonderful friend Sarah's Hen Party (she is getting married in two weeks!! Can't wait!) The first part of her hen do was in Cornwall and part two was in Birmingham where she, her sisters and I and my sisters all grew up together.  On the friday night we watched films and had a sleepover (Dirty Dancing and Pretty Woman!)  Then during the day on the Saturday we visited an old haunt, a manor house with an amazing adventure playgroud that we used to visit in the holidays when we were younger, it was so much fun going on all the equipment, playing tag in the maze, playing toilet paper bride (see below!) and had a lovely picnic with the mums.  In the evening we went into Birmingham for a good ol knees up, and we certainly did that!  A really amazing amd memorable weekend with some wonderful women who will be my friends forever.

My giveaway is still open today and tomorrow, I will be announcing the winner tomorrow evening. 


  1. One can NEVER go wrong with Dirty Dancing!

  2. Thanks for your comment !
    al though it's a little late.
    It's nice to know I'm not the only one that doesn't likes hair dressers neither, haha...
    I was so proud on myself when I was done.
    but maybe next time it would be smarter to let a hair dresser do it.


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