Monday, 9 August 2010

Cool Brittania Cushion Tutorial

Hello everyone,
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The last couple of days I have made this gorgeous cushion, it's actually a present but I wouldn't mind having one myself because I really love it.  If you really like this cushion but can't be bothered to make it yourself (it does take several hours) then I will make one for you if you buy it on Etsy,  here is my shop.  If you do want to make it then just follow the simple instructions below:

First I should tell you that I don't do measurements, maths is probably my least favourite subject so I am afraid I won't be giving you much in the way of measurements in this tutorial. You can judge it by rack of eye.

First cut out your base fabric, cut a rectangle than can be folded in half to create a smaller rectangle in the required shape, then iron about an inch round the edge for seams:

I must apologise now for the state of my ironing board *hangs head in shame*

Next cut out the fabric for the George Cross part of the flag the horizontal and the vertical, leave about a cm either side of the strip and fold them over and press with the iron to hold them down:

Lay them down to check they are right, should look like this:

Next cut some thinner strips for the white bits that go behind the George Cross, fold them in half and press with an iron.

placed behind the larger strips it should look something like this:

And all of them together should look like this:

Next you cut the thin lines for the St Patrick's Cross part of the Union Flag, these are the diagonal ones, make them in the same way as the George Cross ones by folding about a cm of each side and iron flat:

It goes here like this:

Cut four in total:

Next you need to cut eight strips that represent the white parts behind the St Patrick's cross, these are in fact part of the St Andrew's Cross:

These then need to be folded in half just like the strips that went behind the George Cross:

Tuck these behind the diagonal cross strips so it looks like this:
Oooooh lovely:

Pin all these down and then sew them on.

Turn your fabric over and sew together leaving a small gap for stuffing, turn the cushion the right way around and stuff then hand sew the gap.

Then just sit back and enjoy your creation:


Don't forget to follow my blog to make sure you know when I am going to do a giveaway.


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  1. You are so generous to share your lovely creation with all of Blogland! I think it is gorgeous and so English. I do hope you do well selling them in your shop.
    I love visiting your blog. I don't know if you have seen Simple Way
    It is a hand made shoe company and they are having a workshop in Reading on the 25th September - I am thinking of booking on it looks really good. First I'm going to buy a pair that they will make for me, but then you can buy kits! How cool is that!!!
    I like how you end your postings too .....


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