Friday, 29 October 2010

Beautiful purchases

After a discussion with my sensible and clever friend Katy I have decided not to sign up for the monthly scrap booking club.  She said I should just spend £30.00 per month in Hobby craft on things that I actually want rather than getting whatever comes in the scrap booking kit.  i think this is sound advice although I am sad to not be recieving a surprise scrap booking stash through the post once a month. 
So...I now have £30.00 extra pounds more than I though I would have, and and although it it now quite November, I have already spent it on these beautiful books:

Oh yes, so beautiful, and not bought entirely based on the gorgeous linen cover...honest!
Now I just have to work out how I can afford the other books in the set.  I was looking at them in Waterstones in town today and was standing holding one and a lady in the show said isn't the cover lovely and I said "Yes, I am mesmerised by it's beauty"!

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  1. I am definitely guilty of buying books based on the cover --these are lovely!


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