Saturday, 16 October 2010

Things I need in my life

The hubby and I have, for the last couple of weekends been trapesing around department stores trying to find things to spend our wedding vouchers on (yes we did get married pver a year ago!), an easy task you might think but in actual fact we seem to have vouchers for places where we find nothing we like, and seem to see lots of things we like in the stores that we don't have vourchers for!  It's a frustrating job.  Here are a few of the things we have come across that we cannot afford to buy!  I am not a huge fan of advertising for multi-nationals but some of these quite literally made me breathless, so I had to share them with you.    I am utterly convinced that I would be completely fulfilled if they were in my life!!

Anything from the Lisa Stickley range at Debenhams:

This fab bedding, appropriately named "happy":

How could anyone not love this Nigella Lawson range at John Lewis?

I am def getting one of these radios, just need to decide what colour:

This clock is awsome, sadly it's a mantel clock, what I need is a wall mounted version:
I am pretty much in love with this Dandelion bedding:

There is more, but I might just cry if I have to think about them for a moment longer!!
Hope you are all having a fab weekend.

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  1. I got the radio for my last birthday. I know what you mean about the colours though. I gave Hubby a list of colours that I wanted and let him choose for me!!!


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