Tuesday, 26 October 2010

A lovely weekend

What a great start to half term, travelled to Wales on Saturday to celebrate my Nephew's 1st Birthday:

How cute is he?  And doesn't he love the Cath Kidston mug we bought him as part of a breakfast set!?
Oh yes, that was until he started hitting it against things.  "It's breakable!"

Then on Saturday we travelled to my parents who also live in Wales.  On Sunday hubby and I went for a stroll on the beach with my dad, it was a truly beautiful day and we walked on the beach where my hubby proposed.
What is amazing about this beach is that a petrified forest that grew there in the ice age has been from revealed under the sand, you can see where all the trees were growing thousands of years ago,

Can you believe they survived so long?  You can see the grain of the wood and everything, it is quite astonishing to think this beach was once a forest filled with trees, it makes me feel part of something so much bigger.

I really do love this beach, not just for the memories but because it is such a lovely place to sit and think, I feel so peaceful there listening to the waves.  There is nowhere to go where I live where there is so much space and tranquility.

Came across a house:

We went into Swansea in the afternoon.  A lot of money has been put into the SA1 district of Swansea Bay around the old fishing docks.  It looks pretty smart now, a nice place to eat out and a few art galleries to visit.  This bench looks like a piece of art work don't you think?

And this really is an art piece, part of an art programme that is running all across the city.

You have no idea how long it took me to upload the above photos.  There is something wrong with my connection I think.  Anyhow, check out how fab Swansea looks!!

Hopefully have some scrap booking pages to share tomorrow, along with some additions to my Etsy shop.

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  1. What cutie pie your nephew is, I love the rock formations on the beach :)


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