Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Three more scrapbook pages and learning to crochet

What a wonderfully blustery, wild and windy day complete with leaves dancing around in the wind, torrents of dramatic rainfall and rainbows!

I definitely needed stirring up today because I am getting bogged down and starting to feel the pressure from school because my lesson tomorrow with year 10 is being observed by the head master *eek*. I have to get at least "good" for the lesson in order to avoid another observation. I only got satisfactory last time so the pressure is really on. Wish me luck!
To take my mind off things I thought I would share some things with you, firstly a few more pages from my wedding scrapbook. I will finish it eventually (yes I did get married over a year ago!) but I am pretty new to scrapbooking so I am agonising over every page.  These three are about our visit to the venue that we chose:

In other news I am learning to crochet!!  It seems as I get older I find it more and more difficult to learn new things so it is taking an absolute age.  Luckily I have had lovely teacher from work teaching me, and went round to her house last week for a little lesson, and she showed me a few basic stitches.  Unfortunately due to lack of time I have not done very much, but it is a start at least.  What I really want is to be able to crochet actual things as opposed to just squares or tubes!  I am trying for flowers so I can make little brooches.

Gosh , it was so dark when I took these photos the depth of field is tiny!  I am amazed  I didn't need a tripod:

I have been feeling a bit peculiar recently, a little bit lost and feeling sorry for myself.  We had a staff training session at school about helping pupils to cope with anxiety and I though "who is there to help the teachers with their anxiety?".  It also got me thinking about when I was at school and about how much time I spent absolutely terrified of doing the wrong thing.  I am not entirely sure what I thought would happen if I did the wrong thing but I was extremely anxious about it.  I feel like the little child that is still in me needs a cuddle for the stress she went through as a girl, I feel like I need to nurture myself, take more care of my soul, guard my heart a little more.  I am sick of other people dictating to me what should be important in my life.  I mean I like my job and everything, but I like me more.  I think I need to make some art about this....

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  1. Stick with the crochet--it will come to soothe your soul and you won't even realize it's happening :)


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